[PODCAST] Market 2.0 with Noah Healy

Dive into the groundbreaking world of algorithmic price discovery with Noah Healy on this episode. Noah, a computational mathematician, returns to unpack how his innovative Coordinated Discovery Market (CDM) model can revolutionize the way markets operate, particularly benefiting farmers by ensuring fair pricing and reducing economic waste.
Don’t miss out on this deep dive into how technology can reshape economic landscapes and empower producers and consumers alike!

Mental Wellness with Dr. Julie Radlauer🌱🧠

00:00:05 Introduction
00:01:02 Julie’s Introduction
00:02:57 Impact of COVID-19 on Mental Health
00:03:57 Nature’s Influence on Mental Wellness
00:06:50 Strategies for Mental Health in Organizations
00:10:55 The Social Aspect of Eating and Cooking
00:14:09 Barriers to Social Connectedness
00:18:06 Personal Food Preferences and Advice
00:20:44 Conclusion and Farewell
00:24:51 Reflecting on the Episode
00:25:30 Outro

Dr. Julie Badlauer, a seasoned mental health counselor and public health expert, unpacks the critical link between nature, mental wellness, and social connectivity.
Discover how simple, science-backed strategies can significantly enhance mental health and build stronger communities.
Don’t miss out on this enlightening discussion that could change the way you approach mental health in today’s disconnected world. 🌍💬

Dr. Julie Badlauer’s LinkedIn : https://www.linkedin.com/in/julie-radlauer-doerfler-drph-lmhc/
Dr. Julie Badlauer’s website : https://julieradlauer.com/
Collectively’s website: https://collectivelyus.org/
Book mentioned : https://www.amazon.com/Youre-Invited-Science-Cultivating-Influence/dp/0063030977

The Radio Show ATL

M16 from The Radio Show ATL joins our show for a mouthwatering mix of insights on the deep connection between hip-hop and food.

M16 takes us on a lyrical adventure, exploring how food has been a staple in hip-hop storytelling, reflecting the struggles and successes of artists and their communities.
He also dishes out wisdom on the diverse culinary scene in Atlanta and how it mirrors the vibrant tapestry of hip-hop culture.

So grab a seat at the table and join us for this nourishing conversation that will feed your mind, body, and soul. Trust us, you won’t want to miss a single beat or bite! 🎵😋

The Radio Show ATL:

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🌾🤖 AI Agriculture with Paul Obota

Dive into the fascinating world of agriculture and AI with Paul Obota on the latest episode of SHARING IS CARING! Discover how integrating AI, like computer vision, into farming can revolutionize the industry, boost yields, and tackle global food challenges. Paul shares his journey from finance to AI-driven agriculture, shedding light on the potential of technology to transform traditional farming practices in Kenya and beyond. Don’t miss this insightful discussion on the future of sustainable agriculture! 🚀🌍 #AgricultureAI #SustainableFarming #TechInnovation #SharingIsCaringPodcast #FutureOfFarming #AIRevolution

Orange Cats 🐱 with Glory Jacques

We chat with the charismatic Glory from Montreal, who shares his incredible journey from multimedia enthusiast to the founder of the viral sensation Orange Cat Always! 🎶

Glory’s story is a testament to the power of passion and the internet’s love for orange cats. 📈🤗 Learn about cat behavior, the truth behind those midnight zoomies, and get tips on keeping your kitty content with the right diet.

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Jardin Forêt avec Samuel Dépraz 🌳🎙️😊

Dans cet épisode du podcast, notre invité Samuel nous explique le concept des jardins-forêts.
Il nous parle de comment ces écosystèmes cultivés peuvent répondre aux problèmes de perte de biodiversité et de changement climatique, tout en créant une abondance au niveau local.
Nous discutons également de l’impact social et communautaire positif que peuvent avoir les jardins-forêts. Enfin, Samuel nous donne quelques conseils pour ceux qui veulent se lancer dans cette approche prometteuse.
Une conversation inspirante et pleine d’espoir !

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🚨Food Cyber Security 🌐 with Kristin Demoranville

Get ready to dive into the riveting world of food safety and cybersecurity with Kristin Demoranville, a trailblazing cyber security expert who’s reshaping how we protect our food in the digital age.
In this eye-opening episode of SHARING IS CARING, Kristin unveils the hidden cyber risks lurking in our food systems, all the way from farm to table.

Don’t miss out on this fascinating journey into the intersection of tech, security, and the culinary world. It’s not just about keeping data safe; it’s about ensuring every bite we take is secure. Tune in to learn why your steak and sushi might owe their safety to cyber experts like Kristin.

Kristin’s LinkedIn : https://www.linkedin.com/in/demoranvillekristin
Kristin’s company : https://www.anzensage.com/

#FoodSafety #CyberSecurity #DigitalTransformation #SharingIsCaring #FoodIndustry #TechInnovation #RiskManagement #SustainableEating #FoodPodcast #AnzenSage #BitesAndBytes

Untold Haitian 🇭🇹📚 Stories with Fritznel D. Octave ✨🔍

Discover the untold story of Haiti’s resilience and culture in this eye-opening episode of SHARING IS CARING.
Journalist and author Fritznel D. Octave takes us on a profound journey through Haiti’s rich history, its struggle for freedom, and the vibrant culinary traditions that symbolize the nation’s spirit.
Dive into the significance of Haiti’s national dish, the pumpkin soup, and explore the deep-rooted connections between Haitian and African cuisine.

Fritznel insights will leave you inspired and hungry for more. Don’t miss this powerful conversation that bridges continents and celebrates the enduring strength of the Haitian people.

Fritznel’s book : https://www.amazon.com/Haiti-Between-Pestilence-Hope-Progressive/dp/1662923775
Fritznel’s LinkedIn : https://www.linkedin.com/in/fritzneloctave

#HaitianHeritage #CulinaryJourney #Resilience #HistoryUnveiled #SharingIsCaringPodcast #CulturalExchange #FitsalAktiv

Navigating Menopause 🌸with Alison Bladh

Uncover the path to glowing health and rediscover your inner radiance with Alison Bladh, an award winning British nutritional therapist and author.
In this enlightening episode of SHARING IS CARING, Alison unveils the transformative potential of nutrition and lifestyle modifications for women journeying through the complex phase of menopause.
Dive deep into the profound influence of diet on your skin, learn to manage stress and blood sugar, and prepare for a transformative journey that will revolutionize your perspective on food, beauty, and wellness.
Don’t let these life-changing revelations pass you by – your route to a vibrant, harmonious life is just a listen away! 🌿✨

Alison’s website : https://alisonbladh.com/about
Alison’s books : https://www.alisonbladh.com/resources
Alison’s LinkedIn : https://www.linkedin.com/in/alison-bladh-b5178638/

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