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Here comes the summer, and the season for whites.
I always have the same belief that when you bear an open mind, you can find a precious stone which was yet to be discovered.
🍷Domain du Clos du Château
🍇variety: Chasselas (white grape) old vines
⌛️vintage: 2021
I kept this bottle for nearly a year before recently opened it
(pls understand how busy a mom can be lol)
Suprisingly, it is better than I expected.
The 2021 vintage still tasted fresh and vibrant on the mouth (served at 10 degree or so)
The nose was dominated by zesty citrus and lime firstly.
After the fruity aroma, you got the fragrance of white flowers and even some elderflower.
Its beautiful acidity can easily go with all kinds of light meals, such as pasta, fish, cheese, etc.
This bottle of chasselas is lighter than what you can find in other cantons, but I truly appreciate the slight fizzy taste with some notes of pineapple.
Perfect for summer as welcoming apéritif.

  • worry-free BIO cultivation😍.
    You can easily find this wine at FarmNetz website, along with many other good BIO local products🫶

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