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Generative Pretrained Transformers?

Not the sexiest name but this look this is going to be a generation defining innovation. As the iPhone, Facebook or Google were defining technology trends of the early 2000s.

Or is it AGI, Artificial general Intelligence?

OpenAI, will release GPT-4 soon and as per Microsoft it will be multimodal, meaning it will be able to understand images, text and audio. The implications for this technology are huge, from being able to generate personalized emails to video generation and understanding audio conversations.

What a great time to be alive!

Do you know that Google owned DeepMind also released a model called Gato which happens to be also multimodal and multitask?

For example, Gato can be used in gaming, image processing, and robotic.

As both “rival” firms converge in their strategy, we can expect this technological trend to continue, more collaboration and also more disruption in that field.

Digital transformation is just going to be more exciting!


  • Jonathan Yao-Bama

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