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The first encounter I had interacting directly with producers was somewhere back in 2015.
I am not sure which one or where I was buying, but what remained from that encounter was a deep satisfaction for being able to ask all my questions and to get all answers.
More than satisfaction to my curious mind was also the passion that came out of this conversation.

I remember I was asking all sorts of questions, from what they fed their cows, to how they took care of the environment, to how they managed the business.
I was so intrigued by all the answers that I received that I felt I wanted to know more.

In reality, the aftermath of these conversations was so intense that it stirred quite some deep reflection about my relationship to food, my self and wish for the world.

I started to look at my eating habits and to think about how I could make a difference, not just for myself, but for the planet.

I started to look at food in a completely different way and I became more aware of my responsibilities as a consumer.

I also started to feel more connected to the people who produce our food and I began to understand the importance of supporting them.
Supporting them means supporting myself.

I realized that by buying from small local producers I was not only supporting their business, but I was also contributing to a more sustainable and ethical food system.

Since then, the world has changed somewhat, with some of the fundamentals remaining and some new dynamics partly due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us all to re-think the way we live and the way we do business. It has also created a new sense of urgency when it comes to the need for a more sustainable and ethical food system.

Small local producers are more important than ever before and we need to find new ways to support them as they are part of the big equation.
With Farmnetz, we aim to act on the following three points:


There is nothing new that food stirs a huge amount of passion, food is the most universal form of human enjoyment.
From candies to wine, it would be hard to quote the amount of emotion that food creates.
If we could use passion to remind us that food decisions are important.


With online communities, we think that multiple voices can be heard, including the voices of the producers.


The food industry only rewards the biggest marketing budget and the most aggressive pricing, taste, passion, ethics are far behind the pecking order.
We want to put those back in the center.

If our products stir some emotion, make you resonate with the producers, don’t forget to leave a review on Farmnetz to help those like you know about the passion.


  • Jonathan Yao-Bama

    Jonathan is a Founder at Farmnetz, passionate about food and coding. He has a master's in economics and background in finance. He likes to discover new foods and creative ways of using natural products to make the world a better place. His favorite animal is a lion

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