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In a recent captivating interview, Sam Altman and G-reg Brockman leaders of OpenAI sat down in the Reid Hoffman podcast to discuss the future of AI and its impact on our lives.

A key moment that stood out was the discussion of the groundbreaking match between AlphaGo and Go world champion Lee Sedol, specifically the game-changing Move 37 in game 2.

AlphaGo, with its never-seen before Move 37, triggered Sedol’s Move 78 described as “God’s touch”. In other words, the human-machine interaction during the game enabled the human to become more intuitive, and to create an innovative move.

Though the match may have seemed like a short-term defeat for human players, it has become an invaluable source of inspiration.

Move 37 demonstrated that machines can teach us and uncover hidden patterns due to the vast amount of data they were trained on and this, in turn, makes us more creative.

Our upcoming project, Chef-Z, a suite of algorithm designed to make cooking easier, aims to help you discover unknown flavor combinations and elevate your cooking game while respecting your convictions.

AI is very far from being perfect, but it has lessons to offer, we can unlock our true human potential through successful collaboration and leadership.

By viewing defeat as an opportunity for growth and learning, we can enhance our lives and expand our horizons in and out the workplace.

Join us in this journey as we leverage the specialized skills and expertise of AI to revolutionize the culinary world and beyond.


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