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Paul Gauguin – Sacred Spring Sweet Dreams [1894]

It is with much pleasure that we start onboarding food producers from Tahiti on our marketplace.

Tahiti is a special place. It’s a dream place that many people in the Francophone area of Europe associate with paradise. While the Americans dream of the Caribbean, we grow up dreaming of Tahiti.

While I was never lucky enough to have the opportunity to visit Tahiti in person . The association I have with this place are vivid; lovely people, breathtaking scenary and fresh and flavourful food.

We are very excited to be able to offer food from Tahiti in our marketplace, and we are sure that our customers will love it as much as we do.

Paul Gauguin – Tahitian Women on the Bea. [1891]

Tahiti is the capital of French Polynesia., and is a special place for many reasons. Among these, its status within the French Republic make Tahiti very well integrated into European trade.

While a small weight in terms of size and population, Tahiti punches above its weight in terms of cultural influence. Think of monoi, surf and other tribal tattoos. Tahiti’s fascination has been best captured in the paintings of Paul Gauguin.

Food producers from Tahiti, we are very excited to be able to offer food from your beautiful country in our marketplace, If you are a food producer from Tahiti and you are interested in selling your products in our marketplace, please don’t hesitate to get in touch on


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