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Is AI capable of doing everything?

Of course no.

A more gloomy version of this question is “Can AI replace us?”

It’s a no too. Of course.

Then can AI replace objects? Objects, virtual or material replacing each other is the normal course of technological progress. Sometimes with trade-offs, sometimes without.

Starting our podcast SHARING IS CARING, I was very opinionated that setting up a studio was useless and that I could “AI” my way around echo and other noise disturbances.

Did I succeed ?

Not really but I found some great tools along the way to get me closer to that crisp professional sound, here are a few: – Free, closed source – Open source – Free, closed source

What’s the motivation behind such AI extremism?


If I am not dependent of a setup I can basically record from anywhere with no constraint whatsover.

While a random story, this echoes particularly well the tale of digital photography. Algorithm have achieved the impossible feat of craming a DSLR into a pocket size format.

This took some time to get it right, but eventually it has set a new paradigm which features hassle high quality photography.

I strongly believe this tale helps us to see how AI can offer such path to freedom with making some hardware and workflow surprisingly easy and cool!

I am not there yet for the podcast, if I succeed this would become my recording studio


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