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Lavaux wineyard

In today’s world, it is easier than ever to buy products from around the world. In western European countries, high standards of living have made products from thousands of miles away cheaper and more favoried than the local products.
One notable exception is wine in for which the local flavours still resonate with consumers.

Wine is a beverage that is deeply rooted in the history and culture of a region. It can depend on the soil, climate, and even the people of a certain area to create a unique flavor and profile. This is why winemakers often take great pride in their product being from a specific region, and why local wine has maintained its value and appeal over the years.

Other products are no exception, there will always be a unique connection between a product and its place of origin. Whether it’s a certain kind of cheese, a type of honey, or jam made from a local fruit, people will always appreciate the taste and story of a product that has been around for generations. The problem is that it is not easy to buy.

We are here to change that and make you the best from around you. FarmNetz is dedicated to connecting local players with people who appreciate and value their products. We believe that connecting people to the local products of their region is an important way to preserve the culture and traditions of a place.

So if you’re looking for something special, something that’s truly connected to the place it comes from, come to us and discover the best of your region. Whether it’s wine, cheese, honey, or something else, you’ll find something special that will stay with you forever and that you will likely never find elsewhere.


  • Jonathan Yao-Bama

    Jonathan is a Founder at Farmnetz, passionate about food and coding. He has a master's in economics and background in finance. He likes to discover new foods and creative ways of using natural products to make the world a better place. His favorite animal is a lion

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