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PNL a French Hip Hop band exporting its music in various countries

No one would question that pasta an Italian thing or that Coffee roasting is a big thing in Nordic countries.

Yet, pasta was famously brought to Italy by Marco Polo from his travels to China centuries ago. Coffee culture is also widely believed to have originated in Ethiopia and Yemen, before spreading to Europe and other parts of the world.

So while both pasta and coffee have become firmly associated with Italian and Nordic cultures respectively, their true origins are much more diverse and global.

In a global interconnected world these cultural adaptions of exotic flavors have logically grown exponentially, Talking to producers, artisan and traders on a daily basis brings us so many stories of such phenomenon here in Switzerland. From Rice grown in the Swiss Alps to Geneva-made fermented foods such as Kimchi, Kombucha or Kefir, without forgetting the Yuzu made by Niels Rodin.

Market exchange is a tremendous factor for the cross-cultural diffusion and local adaptation of flavours.

Our mission is to help producers reach their target master faster so that eventually we will help producers be the next Red Bull or Poké trend. With the help of our marketplace, the hardest part of reaching the customer is taken away, bringing producers and customers closer together.

Imagine being able to collaboratively conceive iterate and launch a new products or trend in no time with the help of our platform and community? We are helping producers and customers discover each other, explore and build products for international or local markets.

In the end, this cross-cultural diffusion of flavors will make our meals and lives more interesting.

So, what are you waiting for? Come explore the world of food and beverage trends on the FarmNetz marketplace – you may just find your new favorite product!


  • Jonathan Yao-Bama

    Jonathan is a Founder at Farmnetz, passionate about food and coding. He has a master's in economics and background in finance. He likes to discover new foods and creative ways of using natural products to make the world a better place. His favorite animal is a lion

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