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The A-List has been announced.

NASA has announced the astronauts to take part to the next crewed moon mission under Artemis in 2024.

This is a highlight of 2023 which will be an eventful year for space exploration. Artemis crew announcement is one, the other is the long awaited SpaceX Starship launch!

Why are we talking about that?

Space exploration can provide invaluable insight into past, present and future, it helps understand approaches and strategies in life.

  • The goal of any space exploration is to explore the possibilities of life beyond earth: The Artemis mission aims to establish inhabited colonies on the Moon.
  • In order to succeed in establishing an agricultural system on the moon, biodiversity is key. The Artemis mission will be responsible for bringing the right crops to the moon and diversifying them to achieve success.
  • The human aspect of space exploration is of utmost importance. From selecting the right astronauts to crafting the perfect spacecraft design, the successful exploration of space relies heavily on the capabilities of human ingenuity. Even the idea of space exploration has been revived largely due to the ambitious ideas of a single being: Elon Musk.

Nothing fundamentaly different than back on earth, although these principles can be sometimes lost in translation.

  • The goal of any economic system is also to sustain life
  • Biodiversity is essential in this process, as different species are necessary for any ecosystem to thrive.
  • Humans are at the center of this, as our decisions and actions have a profound impact on the world and its environment. This means it is up to us to make sure we are making the right choices and taking the right steps to ensure the sustainability of life.

Space exploration is essential for recentering us on what matters and showing us the possibilities of what can be achieved if we push the boundaries of knowledge and technology in the direction of life.


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