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Rihanna performing at the Superbowl LVII

With everyone is celebrating Rihanna’s powerful display at the Superbowl! This was indeed a powerful display of female empowerment and talent that ought to be celebrated!

It is worth remembering that her achievement came on the back of the Hip-Hop movement, which happens to be celebrating its 50th birthday this year. Last year’s Superbowl was also definitely a great celebration for this movement.

What more ?

Recently, Billboard released their All-time rapper ranking, Hip-hop has been a powerhouse in the music industry, and Billboard magazine a kingmaker over the last 50 years.

Their ranking has generated quite a bunch of emotion and tweets, Even if Billboard made their ranking in an organized collegial way, it’s still the opinion of a group of experts over billions of listeners.

It’s important to remember that Hip-hop is a form of expression which is constantly changing and evolving. It is an open-ended art form, and its meaning and relevance are determined by the fans and the listeners beyond the Billboard and co.

Incidentally, top food are often voted the same way… We are here to change that with FarmNetz


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