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Dear FarmNetz Community!

We are thrilled to announce several new enhancements to our blog, designed to make your experience even more enjoyable and interactive.

Chef Search Feature: You can now search for your favorite chef on our dedicated page at Discover new recipes, learn more about their culinary journey, and delve into their unique cooking styles.

Video Library: We’ve created a one-stop hub for all our video content. Whether you prefer short clips or long-form content, you can find it all at Now, you can watch, learn, and cook along with your favorite chefs at your own pace.

Meet Chef Z: We’re excited to introduce Chef Z, our new conversational agent. Available 24/7 in the bottom right corner of the blog, Chef Z is here to help you navigate our website, send comments, and much more. We invite you to interact with Chef Z and explore our blog in a whole new way.

Thanks to all of you for pushing us, it would not be possible without your support!

The FarmNetz Team!

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  • Jonathan Yao-Bama

    Jonathan is a Founder at Farmnetz, passionate about food and coding. He has a master's in economics and background in finance. He likes to discover new foods and creative ways of using natural products to make the world a better place. His favorite animal is a lion

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