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Fibonacci’s Number is found in many things in nature

The news that Ethereum is moving to a proof-of-stake system is great news for the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

This provides a great argument for the Economy of Life, a concept coined by the economist and essayist, Jacques Attali by economy has for mission to sustain life.

The pragmatism of the Founder of the ETH, Vitalik Buterin to realize that the survival of its blockchain meant making it compatible with life, that is that it does not use disproportionate amount of resources.

We applaud the promise of a secure payment system that is decentralized. In addition, the ETH blockchain is the basis for the NFTs which is a very promising technology allowing the digitalisation of virtually anything and that we look forward to embark.

In the context of visible climate change and a looming energy crisis, it is good to see that some projects have the technical foresight to avoid these issues.

We are happy to see that Ethereum is leading the way to a more sustainable future. In addition, we will see if, in the future, others protocols will follow suit or if the Ethereum will consolidate its leadership and will be the protocol of reference for the token.


  • Jonathan Yao-Bama

    Jonathan is a Founder at Farmnetz, passionate about food and coding. He has a master's in economics and background in finance. He likes to discover new foods and creative ways of using natural products to make the world a better place. His favorite animal is a lion

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