Mental Wellness with Dr. Julie Radlauer🌱🧠

00:00:05 Introduction
00:01:02 Julie’s Introduction
00:02:57 Impact of COVID-19 on Mental Health
00:03:57 Nature’s Influence on Mental Wellness
00:06:50 Strategies for Mental Health in Organizations
00:10:55 The Social Aspect of Eating and Cooking
00:14:09 Barriers to Social Connectedness
00:18:06 Personal Food Preferences and Advice
00:20:44 Conclusion and Farewell
00:24:51 Reflecting on the Episode
00:25:30 Outro

Dr. Julie Badlauer, a seasoned mental health counselor and public health expert, unpacks the critical link between nature, mental wellness, and social connectivity.
Discover how simple, science-backed strategies can significantly enhance mental health and build stronger communities.
Don’t miss out on this enlightening discussion that could change the way you approach mental health in today’s disconnected world. 🌍💬

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